Day by Day Progress Reports(Updated)

  1. Saturday, March 25:

I’ve been trying to find resin since last week. Checked hardware stores today, but they also don’t have it.

Hmm, it seems like resin is really hard to find in the Philippines. If I really can’t find it, then I guess I’ll have to order it online. Will scout for resin at the Polymer shop along E.D.S.A tomorrow. I’ll also try to find silicone putty to use as the mold for the resin. Will also have to inquire in Deovir tomorrow for that. I’ll also have to scout for my plexiglass tubing tomorrow. Once I get a size of the fiberglass tubing, I shall then send the measurements for the mirrors I want to my uncle.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been taking photos and trying to collect the items for my object case! So far, I’ll try to confirm with Intermatrix about whether they digitally print on acetate.

2. Sunday, March 26

I researched and asked some people and they said I can buy resin at Polymer Products at EDSA. They are closed today so we’ll check on Monday.

Week 2

3. Monday, March 27


Bought silicone Mold Putty at Deovir. Bought the resin and hardener too at Polymer products at EDSA. I also managed to contact someone from Caloocan who sells Acrylic Glass tubes! Go OLX.

4. Tuesday, March 28

I inquired at intermatrix if they print on acetate but they don’t. I’m trying to see if anyone else in Katipunan does.

3. Wednesday, March 29

Contacted Blessings at UP Diliman. They said they print black and white on Acetate only.

4. Thursday, March 30

Went to UP, Blessings can’t print on Acetate. They referred me to another shop that does!

5. Friday March 31

Collaged my photos. Got them printed. I also started cutting out words from my past readings in literature class.

6. Saturday, April 1

Tested the resin. The ink ran.  I can’t use the resin because the ink on the acetate gets removed. The resulting object casting is dark.

7. Sunday April 2

Plan B. Make the object case acrylic tube too. Contacted the supplier to build me a stand. for the kaleidoscope.

8. Monday, April 3

They said its going to finished at 3 pm!!!



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