Memories underwater are strange: Kaleidoscope installation

Memories under water are
strange. The maya bird chirping away
on the branch of the Acacia tree.
The green mangoes falling to the
pavement of the cobbled
driveway to their two-storey
house. Their family dog tilting
its head to the side as her oblivious
mother tells her that eggplants are
purple and that the yellow sun rises
from the east. Now, she makes out
her best friend’s blurry blue face in
another dimension. Muted calls
can’t touch her here, though she lets
the pads of her toes trace the deep
end. She opens her mouth but she
can’t speak through all the crystal white
bubbles. There are simply too many
broken fragments, of a smile or a
frown, a prism or a beautiful rainbow,
She doesn’t know. She can only imagine
how falling in a five feet pool must feel like.

An artist’s attempt to translate the near death experience of drowning that she experienced during childhood, Memories underwater are strange tries to replicate a life review through the lens of a kaleidoscope, a children’s toy that brings back nostalgic memories of individuals as children.

Click here to take a look at the video.

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