Art Fair Philippines 2017


When it was announced that going to Art Fair Philippines was a requirement for my FA classes, I was probably one of the many students who were thrilled to be able to experience and see how artists gather together and showcase their works. I’ve never been to an art fair before, so going to Art Fair Philippines 2017 was a first for me. I didn’t exactly know what to expect, nor did I anticipate the long line that stretched outside the venue when I arrived last Saturday evening, but nevertheless, that didn’t hinder me from appreciating all that the Art Fair had to offer.

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As I walked around the fifth floor with my mother, I noticed that there weren’t really a lot of exhibits, especially when you compared it to the sixth and seventh floors. There were exhibits of Bench and Don Papabut what I liked was an off-site exhibition of Ronald Ventura’s Shadow Forest: Encounters and Explorations, which caught my eye for the way he used hyper-realism in order to create images that looked like they were created using photo manipulation. His collection is very interesting and intense in the way he puts together complex compositions and juxtaposes the human and the animal within the works. Continue reading “Art Fair Philippines 2017”