Post-Defense Blog Post(with feels)


At first, as I watched other people defend over the course of two weeks, I couldn’t help but grow increasingly more anxious although I knew that having a defense didn’t look so bad. I was kind of actually dreading to have my own defense. And then it came.

I didn’t even know I was having my defense last Wednesday until I asked Sir Alfred in my FA AM class with him. It was funny, how I’ve been anticipating and dreading my defense and I was suddenly caught off guard (though not really, since it’s been a long time coming) when he told me.

Though I was nervous as fuck inside, I knew I had to get my shit together because: (1) though I was kind of scared shitless, I had to do it; and (2) I wanted to do it.

I wanted to do it, because as much as it would hurt to get criticized, I wanted to know what others thought about my work. Though I seemed confident and not worried about it, I was generally insecure about whether or not my artwork actually got anything across. My mother would sometimes tell me that she didn’t really get what I was trying to do, in my art or in, well, my course or life in general, and I guess that always made me feel insecure about whether or not I was making sense.

I love my work, and I love what I’m doing. I thought I was okay, and others would often tell me that my work was good and whatnot, but I guess it was hard for me to believe them because I didn’t know if they were saying that just to be nice. The bottom line was, I believed my work was good, but I didn’t know if it really was good, so getting my work critiqued and hearing from the panelists meant a lot  to me. Continue reading “Post-Defense Blog Post(with feels)”


Practice Pitching

If there’s one thing I find interesting about this new semester, it’s that a lot of subjects entail final outputs in the form of artworks and projects. After going through the first year of college with those numerous amount of papers, I admit that I’m actually looking forward to making things. But with this excitement, comes the nervousness that creating entails.

As an arts student, I’ve always leaned more on the traditional side of it rather than digital, and I guess that’s because I’ve always been someone who loved to do things hands on and feeling the materials as I go. It’s a given that every single artist wants to create quality work—work that has value, work that makes sense. But how does one know if the work they create is actually effective?

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Hello guys! If it isn’t obvious enough, this is Andrea. Honestly, it’s taken me such a long time to create this website. I’m not a very web savvy person, so I have no qualms to admit that I suck in coding and all of that html-thingymadoos. Nevertheless, I hope you’ll enjoy looking at my site and the works that I’ll be putting in here!

Most of the content for now will be my literary works and artworks that I’ve created in the past few years. Through the course of the semester, I’ll be adding things regarding my initial ideas and processes that will lead up to the final artwork which we will be pitching in front of a panel. I’m not sure if it’ll turn out as nice as I want it to, because the possibilities are endless. I don’t even know where to start!

Wishing good luck to everyone,