For my topic tackling on the experience of drowning, I plan on using mirrors, words(which may be from cut outs) and photographs as my media for my artwork. Using these media, I plan to create a kaleidoscope that invites the viewer to look into the piece from the small hole on one side.

When I envisioned creating a kaleidoscope for my piece, I took into account my past young self experiencing something  magical and surreal, but at the same time, getting a glimpse of something familiar and yet unknown.I think a kaleidoscope gives a nostalgic feeling about one’s childhood and embodies the idea of another world encased in a small delicate space. When you look into a kaleidoscope everything in the form of patterns occur at once. As your eye looks into it, you also somehow become ignorant of the rest of the world. The things you see in a kaleidoscope can be juxtaposed as simple yet complex in the way that you cannot exactly define what it all sums up to. And the more you look, the more enamored and fixated you get in trying to make sense of the patterns presented to you. I relate this to seeing what I shall describe as a “life review” in those moments underwater.

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